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On your first visit to an orthopedic surgeon in Delhi, NCR for joint pain, you could expect mild treatment advice like a few doses of multivitamins, exercising, and painkillers as and when required. But the treatment advice could be for joint replacement.

Why joint replacement?
You will certainly ask this question to your surgeon if you are advised to go for join replacement surgery. The treatment involves replacing a problem joint with an artificial piece that looks and works like its natural counterpart.

Candidate for joint replacement

  • You have tried medication and all other pain-relieving treatment options available but found little relief.
  • You have unrelenting pain in the affected joint.
  • The joint pain is putting severe restrictions on your life by limiting your mobility as you have a significant problem in walking, climbing stairs, sitting, and getting up.
  • You are unable to lead a normal life due to your dependability on heavy doses of painkiller medicines that cause side effects like burning sensation in the stomach and nausea

If you are going through any of the above-mentioned situations then you are the right candidate for joint replacement surgery and the best orthopedic doctor will be right in advising surgical treatment instead of putting you on medication.

Advantages of replacement surgery

  • Relief from pain and suffering due to inflammation in joint
  • Increased mobility like convenience in walking and driving
  • Freedom from pain medicines that could be habit-forming and trigger allergic reactions when taken for a long time
  • Improvement in overall health and quality of life

Q: Is replacement a cure for joint pain?

A: No, it isn’t a cure but a lasting solution. Replacing a problem joint will put an end to pain and suffering for a long time that is approximately 15 long years or more.

Q: Could I do everything with replaced joints?

A: No, you couldn’t but you will be able to do most of your daily tasks like sitting, standing, walking and driving after the surgery. Your orthopedic surgeon in Delhi, NCR will suggest lifestyle changes to prevent damage to the artificial joints.

Q: Could there be problems with replaced joints?

A: Yes, there could be problems with replacement surgeries but most problems are minor in nature and could be treated with medicines.

Q: What is the cost of a replacement surgery?

A: Cost of a replacement surgery depends on factors like quality of the joint and hospital charges. You should talk to the best orthopedic doctor for more information on charges for replacement surgery.


Pain in hip and knee joints is a common problem but you shouldn’t take it lightly and see the best orthopedic doctor to treat this problem. While you can try controlling pain with medicines and therapies but surgery is always the best solution for joint problems.

Advantages of joint replacement

  1. Fast relief from pain and suffering
    If your knee joint has damaged to the point where no medicine can bring respite from pain then it is better to get it replaced with a new and fully-functional metallic joint. Replacing the damaged joint will reduce the swelling and pain considerably.
  2. Partial removal
    It isn’t necessary to remove the entire joint when it can work by removing the damaged parts. But it is only an experienced orthopedic surgeon in Delhi NCR that can give any opinion on partial removal. If your knee pains then you shouldn’t waste time taking painkiller drugs and see the surgeon as early as possible.
  3. Long-lasting solution
    It will be wrong to say that metallic joints don’t work for a long time. They can work for over 15 years depending on the quality of the replaced part and your overall health. You will be asked to take certain precautions with your replaced joint. If everything goes as planned, you can lead a long and happy life with a replaced joint.
  4. Lesser complications
    It is true that no surgery is free from complications but the best orthopedic doctor will make sure that you don’t face difficult problems. The good thing is that most problems related to joint replacement are minor in nature and can be cured with medicines.
  5. Normal life
    It is possible to lead a normal life with a replaced joint. But you will need to take care of that joint. For example, you can walk with a replaced knee but you won’t be allowed to run fast or jump with that knee as it is a metallic part and it can get crushed under your weight. Barring a few restrictions, your life will be normal with a replaced joint.

If you have knee pain that doesn’t subside with medicine. Also, if you have difficulty living with that pain then there is little need to accommodate the pain in your life. You should visit an orthopedic surgeon in Delhi NCR to explore treatment options. Chances are that you could require only partial joint replacement.


The knee plays a crucial role in providing you the flexibility to move around. Whether you want to walk up/down the stairs, get into a chair, or get out of a car, you need support from your knees. And if you have a joint problem, you will face difficulties in moving around. For knee problems, you should visit an orthopedic surgeon in Delhi NCR.

If you have pain in the knees with joints looking swelled and the problem has restricted your movement then you should consider going for surgery. Painkiller meds, massage with pain reliever ointments, and light exercises could provide temporary relief but it is only with surgery that you can get lasting relief from the pain and suffering.

You might need checking the total knee replacement surgery cost in Delhi before making an opinion on surgical treatment but you might require uni knee replacement that is a partial replacement of joint. But it is only after a detailed diagnosis that a surgeon could make an opinion on the problem. And if he suggests, total replacement of the knee, you should follow his advice.

Benefits of surgical treatment

A careful look at the anatomy of a knee shows that this joint works like a well-oiled machine. It has different compartments with each compartment doing a specific function. And if this joint malfunction, it requires mechanical treatment that is replacing the damaged parts.

Pain relief – You might find the total knee replacement surgery cost in Delhi expensive but it will put a full stop to all the pain and suffering you have undergone. And the relief will be quick.

Improved mobility – It is an added advantage. While you won’t get the mobility of your youthful days but your mobility will be greatly increased post-surgery. The replaced joint would work like the original part. It will allow you to do most of your regular tasks.

Long-lasting solution – Ask the best knee replacement surgeon about the life of a replaced joint and he will smilingly say that it is more than a decade and you can increase its durability by following the advice of the surgeon.

The success rate of joint replacement – It is high. The number of patients with complaints of post replacement problems is fewer and whatever problems people have post joint surgery can be solved by medicines or correction surgeries.

If you have knee pain and the pain is making life difficult then it is better to consult the best knee replacement surgeon instead of trying to adjust to life with pain and suffering that will only worsen with time.


Before you ask for total knee replacement surgery cost in Delhi, you should understand the process and its need. If you are advised to replace your natural knee with an artificial joint then you should understand that the natural joint is no longer useful and that it will continue to deteriorate your quality of life.

Need for total knee replacement

A natural knee is made of three joints – femur, tibia, and patella. Here femur is the end of the thighbone, the tibia is the topmost part of the shinbone and patella forms the kneecap. And these parts are covered with a smooth substance called articular cartilage that protects the bones and also enables them to do their functions.

The problem in knees starts with wear and tear after 50 years of age. It is called osteoarthritis and it starts with a feeling of dullness and mild pain on the affected knee. You will visit an orthopedic surgeon in Delhi NCR for treatment and the doctor might suggest some painkiller meds and ointments.

Medicines and exercises could delay the wear and tear but your surgeon will suggest you think of knee replacement in near future. Your pain and suffering would end with the replacement of the affected knee. But sometimes knee replacement is needed due to injuries. Depending on the condition of your knee, your orthopedic surgeon will tender advice.

What is a total knee replacement?

The affected parts of the damaged knee are removed and replaced with metal parts. These parts include bones and cartilage and they include a femoral component, a tibial component, and a metal spacer placed between the two components. The best knee replacement surgeon won’t take more than a couple of hours in carrying out the replacement.

Would the replacement joint work like my natural knee?

Yes, it will and you won’t feel like having an implant. But you will need to take care of the replacement. Since it is a thing forced on your body, the body needs time to adjust to the new part. But the pain and suffering would end with replacement. You will be able to take walk, use the stairs, and drive. But there will be restrictions on running and jumping.

Total knee replacement surgery cost in Delhi could be a little higher but the relief you will get with replacement is priceless. It will improve your quality of life in the long run and it will keep working for years to come.

Dr Dhananjay Gupta

Dr Dhananjay Gupta
Director and Senior Consultant,
Orthopaedics and Joint Reconstruction and Replacement Surgeon
Fortis Flt. Lt. Rajan Dhall Hospital, Vasant Kunj, Delhi.

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