Osteoporosis: Myths and Bone health facts


Osteoporosis is a medical condition which tends to affect people, mostly over 50 years of age with the weak and porous bones. It is one of the major health conditions which are affecting every other human being, these days.

Myths associated with Osteoporosis

There are several myths associated with Osteoporosis. Some of them are:

Medicines can restore bone mass. It’s a common myth, most people follow. Bone mass is developed by the age of mid-thirties. But, as you grow older, the bone mass tends to lower down. Most people believe a certain diet and medication can help them restore the lost bone mass. It’s not like that. Medication and a healthy diet can only help you in putting a bar on the rising issue. It’s impossible to restore the lost bone mass, you can only prevent the further degeneration.

It only occurs in women. To some extent, this myth is true. Women are highly affected with this trouble. But men also get affected by this issue. The reason behind the huge gap between the genders lies in the level of physical activity and diet undertaken by both. With proper care, women can somehow reduce the chances to get caught with the disease.

Young people are safe from this disease. That’s not true at all. Though, researches said that people in their thirties come across Osteoporosis, they are on the radar for being unaware about the harm they are doing in their early age. Proper care regarding the intake of Vitamin D and Calcium is advised to the youngsters to make them avoid early catch with the following disease.

Avoid falls. Most people believe that they could catch with the fracture, only when they fall. That’s not true with Osteoporosis. When you in the grip of this health trouble, you can face bone fractures even with the slightest strain. Thus, follow a mild exercise to avoid any serious injury.

Health facts about Osteoporosis

Know these important facts about Osteoporosis.

  • Osteoporosis is a medical condition that causes weak and porous bones.
  • Regular exercise helps in preventing the Osteoporosis.
  • Young men are more likely to face fractures than woman.
  • Men and women, both are prone to face this disease.
  • Medication can help in recovering from the disease, but it cannot be avoided, completely.

Osteoporosis is quite similar to Osteoarthritis and also categorized under degenerative disk disease. For better consultation, be in touch with your health specialist today.

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