What are the 4 benefits of total knee replacement surgery?


If knee pain is keeping you awake all the time if you need help in getting out of a chair and while climbing the stairs, and if the regular painkiller medicines don’t work on your pain, then it is time to visit an orthopedic surgeon in Delhi NCR.

Total knee replacement is the right solution for knee problems

Pain relief

Since you are in pain, you are looking for a treatment that can give you quick relief from the extreme pain you are in. Your knees are inflamed and they pain even on touching. You can’t do exercises due to pain. Also, you can’t take more painkillers because they have side effects. In this situation, only knee replacement can give quick and lasting relief from pain.

Improved mobility

It is difficult to walk, stand, and even sit when you have pain in your knees. Simply put, the knee pain will make you immobile. In this situation, nothing less than replacing the damaged knees with new artificial knee joints could help. You should consult the best orthopedic doctor to know more about replacement surgery.

Post-surgery, you will be able to walk independently. You will get back your mobility soon after the successful replacement surgery. It will be like the start of a new life. The new knee joints will work as the natural knees but you need to take care of the artificial joints. The data of patients that have undergone replacement surgeries for knees shows that over 90% of patients have pain reduced and mobility improved significantly after surgery.

Better treatment response

Replacement surgery has a better treatment response than other treatment options. For example, you won’t have to rely on painkillers or other meds after getting new knees. Your orthopedic surgeon in Delhi NCR will prescribe some meds to prevent infection but he will discontinue the meds after some time. Also, you won’t need physical therapy and exercise to keep going.

High success and satisfaction

Replacement surgery has a high success rate. Also, it provides 100% satisfaction to the patients. You will be discharged from the hospital after a short stay but you will have to be careful about the new knees for the initial months. Once you get the confidence, you can return back to your normal life.

If you have pain in your knees then you should visit the best orthopedic doctor for a complete checkup. The doctor is likely to prescribe replacement surgery to relieve your pain and suffering.

Dr Dhananjay Gupta

Dr Dhananjay Gupta
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