What is uniknee replacement and what are its benefits?

Total replacement isn’t the only solution available for knee pain as you can go for uniknee replacement depending on the condition of your knees. Uniknee replacement is partial knee replacement. A knee doctor in Delhi will suggest the right treatment after examining your knee condition.

If you have the following symptoms, you need uniknee replacement

  • Difficulty in rising in stairs
  • The problem in standing erect
  • Unable to stretch your knees to feel flexible
  • Knee swelling with pain
  • Severe pain in the knees

Get your knees examined by a senior orthopedic surgeon to know what is happening to your knees. The surgeon will prescribe an x-ray to check the position of the knee and make an opinion after studying your overall medical condition. If your knee condition is poor or you are over 60 years of age, your doctor will suggest surgery.

Reason for knee pain

Osteoarthritis is the common reason for knee pain. It involves the deterioration of the knee to the point of making the affected knee dysfunctional. But the good thing is that the knee can be saved by removing the damaged parts only. The best knee replacement surgeon in Delhi will make a small incision on the affected knee to replace the damaged parts.

Should I go for uniknee replacement?

First is the checkup by a senior orthopedic surgeon who will examine the condition of the affected knee. In case the pain is manageable, you can try some non-surgical methods like taking mild painkillers and doing lightweight exercises to increase the mobility of the affected joint.

But if the pain is severe and it is affecting your normal life then it is better to opt for surgery. Uniknee replacement is painless and affordable in comparison to total knee replacement. Also, the partial knee replacement is much safer than the total replacement. You can discuss the problem and the solution with the best knee replacement surgeon in NCR.

Advantages of uniknee replacement

1. Lesser problems

You won’t have to stay for a long period in hospital. Also, the recovery time will be shorter. And you will have little need for physiotherapy. You will save money as well.

2. Natural

You will feel like you have retained your natural joint. Since the surgeon will remove only the affected part, he will try retaining the healthy bone and cartilage.

3. Long life

Uniknee replacement has a long life. It is so because only the affected part of the knee is changed and the rest of the knee joint is kept natural.

Dr Dhananjay Gupta

Dr Dhananjay Gupta
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