Why should you opt for joint replacement?


Joint replacement won’t be your first option if you are suffering from knee pain. But your orthopedic surgeon in Delhi NCR will suggest replacing the problematic joints to escape other problems like decreased mobility and anxiety.

Could knee pain develop more problems?

It is difficult to live with inflamed and painful knees. You will need help in everything from getting up from your bed to wearing your slippers. You will also suffer from poor gait and posture. But the biggest problem is shifting of weight from knees to lower back. You will try managing your daily activities by shifting the weight from your knees to your back leading to spinal problems in the long run.

Joint replacement has a short life

It is a myth. A joint replacement can work for almost two decades after which you will need a corrective surgery that will make you fit for another decade. Talk to the best orthopedic doctor to clear your doubts over joint replacement surgeries.

Also, you should go through the advantages of joint replacement. It is a painless process that will improve your quality of life. Post-surgery, you can walk, swim, and even go on long drives.

Benefits of joint replacement

Less pain: Surgery will remove the damaged joints and replace them with new artificial joints that work like original body parts. And the replaced joints won’t have inflammation, pain, or suffering. It will remove your dependence on painkiller medicines and lotions.

Improved movement and activity: If you ask an orthopedic surgeon in Delhi NCR about the biggest advantage of joint replacement, he will highlight the improvement you will notice in your movement and activity. With new joints, you can visit places, take part in gatherings, and even enjoy light sports activities.

Reduced risk of chronic health conditions: When you won’t have any pain or suffering in joints and your mobility is improved, you can lead a long, healthy, and happy life. You will be free from anxiety and depression. Also, you will have little risk of developing diabetes and heart conditions.

Safer than ever before: Joint replacement surgeries have become safer than they used to be some time back. Also, the new joints can keep working for a long time. If you can take care of your joints, they can last for two decades. You should talk to the best orthopedic doctor to know more about the benefits of joint replacement.

Dr Dhananjay Gupta

Dr Dhananjay Gupta
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